New York Mets News

It’s Surreal at First, But You Get Used to it Quickly.

By Sam Maxwell

When I sat down on Saturday to watch live Mets Baseball, it was a strange feeling seeing it once more. I mean, not to sound overly zen about it, but it was in the moment and happening. 2014 Baseball. Happening. Surreal. Of course, I had watched Mets baseball throughout the offseason, whether it was 2013 highlights, or highlights from even farther years past. But This was METS BASEBALL as it was happening.

And after a few pitches, after a few fouls, after Lucas Duda ties Ike Davis in the- and yes, I’m going to WRITE Quote Unquote- 1st base competition (’cause HR is going to be the number that wins it, like Terry Collins would pick it like tha- you know what? Nevermind…)

…After a few catches and after a few swings, you’re like, “Oh, ok. Yeah, hello. I remember you.”

So, welcome back, Mets Baseball. Welcome to a year before 2015, the year Marty McFly has to save his kid from going to jail.

Welcome to 2014 Mets Baseball.

It’s time to settle in.

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