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Rising Apple Report, Ep. 57 – Stephen Drew Up an Offer? (Badum….) w USA Today’s Ted Berg

By Sam Maxwell

The “Johan Santana” episode of the Rising Apple Report has arrived! I will host this number 57, with Rich Sparago and Dan Haefeli joining me from the Rising Apple writing team!

Also joining us this week is Ted Berg of USA Today’s For the Win!

There was a lot of anxiety amongst the fanbase regarding the Hot Stove season the last time Mr. Berg joined the Report, with basically all the moves happening since. We’ll check in with Ted on how he feels the offseason has gone.

Mike Francesa reported yesterday that the Mets have made an offer to Stephen Drew, though the Mets “sources” are claiming otherwise via Daily News’s Kristie Ackert. With a potential deal possibly close to happening, we’ll continue to discuss whether or not we think the shortstop makes the Mets a better team.

Terry Collins keeps saying things about the roster, and some of us keep taking him seriously. We’ll talk about some of the outlandishness of his claims, and discuss the history he has of making ridiculous claims.

And of course, we’ll discuss the coaches and players to have worn number 57 in Mets history.

So, join us at 6:30PM ET for the latest edition of the Rising Apple Report!

Rising Apple Report, Ep. 57 – Stephen Drew Up an Offer? (Badum….) w USA Today’s Ted Berg

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