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Paul DePodesta Says Noah Syndergaard May See Some Time in Pen

By Danny Abriano

Mets VP Paul DePodesta recently spoke with Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, and weighed in on what lies ahead in 2014 for top pitching prospect Noah Syndergaard.

Jul 14, 2013; Flushing , NY, USA; USA pitcher Noah Syndergaard throws a pitch during the first inning of the 2013 All Star Futures Game at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Syndergaard threw 124.2 innings in 2013, so he’ll likely be capped somewhere between 155 and 160 innings pitched this season.  An innings jump any higher than that is seen as risky for any pitcher, so it would be shocking if the Mets allowed Syndergaard to eclipse 160 innings pitched.

DePodesta relayed to Rubin what the plan for Syndergaard may entail:

"The Mets will not delay the start to Syndergaard’s season in order to ensure he has enough innings in the tank late, according to DePodesta. But the Mets may be receptive to introducing Syndergaard to the majors in relief, the VP added, even though that is not something team brass has done with other prospects in their first three years presiding in Flushing. That’s a way the St. Louis Cardinals have been very successful in utilizing rookie pitchers, including with Michael Wacha this past August."


There’s obviously a huge difference between shifting a top pitching prospect to the pen in order for him to be come acclimated to the majors and pitch deeper into the season, and shifting a top starting pitching prospect to the pen and keeping him there.

If Syndergaard saw time in the big league pen in 2014, it would be a temporary thing, which is more than fine.

Still, as Rubin points out, that isn’t the route the Mets have gone with Matt Harvey or Zack Wheeler.  Looking further back, they didn’t do it with Jonathon Niese or Mike Pelfrey either.

I’d still expect Syndergaard to make his debut with the Mets in mid-June as a member of the rotation.  If the club wants to keep him going deep into September, they can always shift him to the pen once he gets close to his innings limit.

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