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What to Discuss When There’s No Mets Stuff To Discuss

By Sam Maxwell

A lot of you might not be working today, but I am. I am not necessarily checking up on the Mets throughout my workday, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t noticed how ridiculously quiet the Metsosphere is as I currently type this. Of course, that could all change the second I press PUBLISH or right now as I type these words. More often than not lately, it’s been eerily quiet all around the league. Outside of the story that the Mets signed John Lannan, which dropped while many of us enjoyed the QBC, it’s basically as if the entire league is waiting for Stephen Drew to make up his freakin’ mind (or for the Red Sox and them to have final dialogue, whoever makes whatever decision that’s to be made.)

So, I’m just gonna think up random stuff that we can talk about while there’s nothing else (Metsian) to discuss.

1. The News

Did you know that China is sending “Web Junkies” to boot camps?! Listen, I’m not going to pretend like I have an opinion or can write properly on the subject, it’s just something I found and it’s interesting, so we should read it and talk about it. Right?

2. Shameless plug for the film company I work for.

Did you see the poster debut for BETTER LIVING THROUGH CHEMISTRY, starring Sam Rockwell and Olivia Wilde, in theaters and VOD March 14th?!

3. The 1978 New York Mets

Oh, whom I kidding?! The Metsian conversation can go on forever! Even when there’s no new food dropping onto the Hot Stove. So, uh….I’ll get to the historical Mets conversation when I…echem…get home from work…which I should get back to now….

In the meantime, you should all petition SNY to release the Mets Video Yearbooks onto DVD so we can watch the 1978 one on cue.

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