Newsday: Ruben Tejada Injury Rehab on Target

By Sam Maxwell

According to Mark Carig of Newsday, Ruben Tejada, who injured his right fibula attempting to avoid a collision with outfielder Andrew Brown on September 18, is still on target to recover in the 6-to-8 week window the injury normally needs.

It was a rough 2013 for the soon-to-be 24 year old, who did not perform well out of the gate in his starting shortstop position, and was most likely on his way to Triple-A Las Vegas before his first injury at Yankee Stadium.

When he recovered from his right quadriceps injury, the Mets sent him to the minors and he played for Wally Backman an the 51’s until their playoffs were over and the Major League rosters had expanded.


First of all, a fibula?

Oh. OK.

Rumors were abound that the Mets had a huge issue with Ruben’s attitude this year, a big reason they kept him in Triple-A when his initial injury had healed.  Clearly, he is owed nothing, and the Mets will most likely explore all options at the shortstop position this off-season.

If I were Ruben, I’d head straight for Winter Ball when my injury is healed and work my tail off to save my Major League career, whether that’s with the Mets or elsewhere.

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