Newsday: LaTroy Hawkins to Test Free Agency

By Sam Maxwell

According to Mark Carig of Newsday, LaTroy Hawkins and the Mets will most likely not reach an agreement before the window of opportunity to do so, and he will head to the free agent market.

Major League teams have until five days after the World Series to negotiate with their own players, but unfortunately, it sounds like the veteran reliever (who appeared in 72 games with a 2.93 ERA and a 3-2 record in 70.2 IP, a 1.15 WHIP, a strikeout rate of 7 per 9 and a walk rate of 1.3 per 9) will see what his market value is before potentially signing back up with the New York Mets.


As you can see from those numbers, the 40-year-old veteran was outstanding on the field in 2013 (another impressive number was that he only gave up 6 home runs in those innings).

Just as valuable was the sage presence he provided for the young pitchers out there in the bullpen. It is clear he enjoyed his time and enjoyed his role on this team, but I can understand wanting to keep his options open before committing to the team who has a very busy off-season in front of them. If he moves on, oh well. My opinion is that I will certainly take him back if the two once more find it a fit.

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