Mets Announce Fan-Friendly Ticket Packs For 2014

By Rich Sparago

This week the Mets reached out to their season ticket plan holders with renewal information for 2014. The new offerings are very fan friendly, with many new benefits designed to accommodate the wishes of their most loyal customers. Last year, the Mets conducted season-ticket-holder and plan-holder surveys to better understand their clientele. Clearly, they have listened. Here are a few of the most notable changes.

Sep 29, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Fans cheer for the New York Mets after the final game of the season against the Milwaukee Brewers at Citi Field. The Mets won 3-2. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

First, one of the more common concerns fans have about becoming a plan holder is the number of games required to be purchased to do so. To address this, the Mets have done away with 15-game plans, and replaced them with 10-game plans (20 and 40-game plans are also available). The ticket plans can feature pre-selected games (such as a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday plan), or the ticket holder may select his/her games of choice. If someone chooses the pre-selected game plan, the same seats are guaranteed for all games (except opening day, which is a part of all the pre-selected plans).By offering an option that requires the purchase of fewer games, the Mets have opened the door for more fans to become plan holders, and enjoy many benefits, such as savings on additional, single-game ticket purchases, access to the Promenade Club, and the opportunity to purchase post-season tickets.

Another issue on the minds of plan holders is the idea of purchasing games in advance, when things can come up that might mitigate being able to attend those games. Here is where the Mets became very creative.  This year, plan holders will be able to exchange unused past game tickets for future games (depending on availability). The number of games for which this is available varies by plan (for the 10-game plan, this option is available for 2 games).  In addition, there is a ticket exchange available, where fans can essentially trade tickets for future games for different games. Again, the number of games this applies to depends upon the ticket plan purchased (for the 10-game plan, this option applies to 2 games).  This should go a long way toward alleviating the concern of committing too far in advance.

Other benefits include the option to purchase preferred parking in the Citi Field lots, as well as pre-sale opportunities for individual games, and discounts available in the team store (available only with certain plans). The ticket offerings for 2014 are both fan friendly and innovative. The Mets deserve kudos for asking about, listening to, and responding to the desires for their most dedicated fan base. For more information about becoming a season ticket or plan holder, please visit

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