Rising Apple Report, Ep. 37 – Matt Harvey’s Rehab & The Rookies; Tonight at 6:30PM ET

By Sam Maxwell

The Rising Apple Report has arrived at its 37th episode! Dan Haefeli makes his hosting debut, with myself and Jason Mast joining him for the best half-hour of Mets talk on the internet airwaves!

Of course, Matt Harvey opting for rehab is the #1 thing on everyone’s mind. We’ll keep the conversation going, giving our take on the young pitcher opting to forego surgury heading into the offseason.

And these rookies are getting more and more seasoned every day. We’ll go down the list, giving our take on all the young guys who are trying to up their stock heading into the Spring of 2014.

So, set your web page to Blog Talk Radio at 6:30PM ET for the latest edition of the Rising Apple Report!

Rising Apple Report, Ep. 37 – Matt Harvey’s Rehab & The Rookies

And if you haven’t yet listened to Episode 36, where Rich Sparago and I ventured into serious detail regarding the Mets radio history after the news that the team and WFAN have parted, along with discussing September 11th, take a listen below.

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