Rising Apple Report, Ep. 35 – Oh, the days dwindled down to a precious few…, tonight at 6:30PM ET

By Sam Maxwell

The Rising Apple Report has entered its first September Song, as the Mets will most likely only play for one more month, culminating with Mike Piazza‘s induction into the Mets Hall of Fame on September 29th against the Brewers. Danny Abriano and I will break down what’s on everybody’s mind as the season winds down.

Sandy Alderson joined Mike Francesa on WFAN yesterday for a pretty lengthy conversation that was as well candid. Danny, who was able to transcribe most of the interview, will give us his take on some of the most telling things Sandy said, including comments about Ruben Tejada.

Speaking of which, he is not yet free, though is helping Las Vegas battle for a potential PCL championship. We’ll discuss the shortstop and what he needs to do in very short time to prove he’s the long-term answer.

And of course, we’ll discuss the outcome of today’s finale down in Atlanta.

So, join us at 6:30PM ET for the latest edition of the Rising Apple Report!

Rising Apple Report, Ep. 35 – Oh, the days dwindled down to a precious few…

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