Ep. 34 – (Expletive)!, but Thanks, Niese & the Trade with Rum Bunter

By Sam Maxwell

The Rising Apple Report is back with much to discuss!

On this week’s episode, forget what might have happened wins and losses-wis at the end of last week and the weekend, ’cause none of that matters now. Matt Harvey is done for the year and Marlon Byrd and Jon Buck are Bucs. And last night, Jon Niese delivered a much-needed emotional boost. Before we discuss the Harvey injury and southpaw’s start, Tom Smith of Rum Bunter will join us to talk about the Byrd and the Buck and the prospect(s) they sent in return.

With me hosting once more, and Danny Abriano and Rich Sparago back in action, tune in at 6:30PM ET for the best half hour of Mets talk on the internet airwaves!

Rising Apple Report, Ep. 34 – (Expletive)!, but Thanks, Niese & the Trade with Rum Bunter

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