Rising Apple Report, Ep. 30 – To the 5-Man!…To the 6-Man!…To the 5-Man!/Tonight at 6:30PM ET

By Sam Maxwell

The Rising Apple Report returns for it’s 32nd episode! Joining myself this week is Dan Haefeli for all the latest talk on your favorite ballteam.

Wilmer Flores had a very impressive first week, only to twist his ankle going into 3rd in the 1st game against the Dodgers, with a potential DL trip up in the air. We’ll discuss the latest regarding the young hitter.

Jon Niese has made his, if not triumphant return then at least a serviceable one with a win. With his return, Jeremy Hefner has demoted with a potential trip to the DL possible. We’ll go over what may be wrong with him and how that could have affected his pitching since the All-Star Break.

So, join us at 6:30PM ET for the latest edition of the Rising Apple Report!

Rising Apple Report, Ep. 32 – To the 5-Man!…To the 6-Man!…To the 5-Man!

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