Rising Apple Report, Ep. 31 – 3rd Base Situation & Niese Set to Return; Tonight at 6:30PM ET

By Sam Maxwell

The Rising Apple Report has entered its 30s! (Cheesily…)

For this 31st episode, though I am returning once again to host, the Report welcomes Andrew Battifarano and Jason Mast for the very first time.

Since last week’s show, the Mets lost twice to the Marlins, lost David Wright to a hamstring injury, called up Wilmer Flores to play 3rd in the Captain’s place, lost Bobby Parnell to the DL with a neck injury, and lost twice to the Kansas City Royals but won 2 games basically because of the heroics of Eric Young, Jr.

It’s arguably the busiest in-season week the Rising Apple Report has witnessed so far in its short history, and our newest members of the podcast’s team will give us their opinions on all of it, including what to expect from Wilmer Flores at 3rd base, how long the bullpen can hold up without Bobby Parnell achoring the 9th, and how the rotation will shape up when Jon Niese returns this Sunday against the Diamondbacks.

So, join us at 6:30PM ET for the latest edition of the Rising Apple Report!

Rising Apple Report, Ep. 31 – 3rd Base Situation & Niese Set to Return

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