Happy Nohan Day

By Sam Maxwell

I feel sheepish waking up this morning and being completely naïve to the fact it is the 1-year anniversary of arguably the greatest game 30,000 Met fans ever witnessed live, including myself. Maybe others don’t necessarily feel it was the greatest game they ever saw live, but the bottom line is there are still no Met games quite like it. The Mets had never gotten through a game without somebody reaching base safely. No Mets team had ever gotten the benefit of an umpire’s call to help lead them to a no-hitter. The 8-0 win (with 8 hits) over the Cardinals where no Card reached base on a hit is unique in the almost 52 seasons of Metsian baseball.

This is how I saw it, and if it weren’t for a (at the time) girlfriend who wasn’t superstitious like me, I would have never gotten the footage.

I’ve been to walkoffs, playoffs and World Series games.

I hold the Nohan above them all.

The Johan Santana era of Mets baseball ended a year earlier than we expected going into 2013. It will be a tough road for him to come back from TWO anterior capsule surgeries, but if there is anyone who can do it, it’s Johan Santana (and there’s a very good shot he attempts to on an incentive-laden deal with the Mets. I see that being a likely scenario.)

There are some who think the Mets wasted a whole lot of money, only getting the 2nd-to-last game of 2008 and the Nohan.


They got more out of that investment than they did the Madoff one, that’s for sure.

It was unbelievably fun watching Johan Santana work, and in a Mets uniform at that. He is one of my all-time favorite Metropolitans, and I know I’m not alone in that sentiment.

Happy Nohan Day everybody.

Here’s to the next one (and here’s to it being in the form of perfection.)

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