Rising Apple Top Ten: Murphy Crowds Burkhardt

By Will DeBoer

Ladies and gentlemen, here is today’s Top Ten list!

Today’s category: Top Ten Things Going Through Kevin Burkhardt’s Mind at This Moment

June 8, 2012; Bronx, NY, USA; SNY field reporter Kevin Burkhardt smiles before the game between the New York Mets and the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

There was an interesting moment before yesterday’s 4-3 Mets victory over the Cubs: during one of Kevin Burkhardt’s pre-game segments, he received an unexpected visit from Daniel Murphy in his shot. (You can click here for Meriwyn Travisano’s screenshot of the awkward situation.) The professional he is, Kevin kept up with the segment without giving notice to the Mets’ non-shy second baseman. Veronica Corningstone would be proud.

Top Ten Things Going Through Kevin Burkhardt’s Mind at This Moment

10. If I keep talking long enough I’m sure to remember this guy’s name.

9. Murph’s got a uniform…how come I don’t get a uniform?

8. Think anyone will notice that this is just a cardboard cutout of Daniel Murphy?

7. Don’t they give out breath mints at the Billy Goat Tavern?

6. Now that I see it, Murph’s beard does give him a look of quiet dignity.

5. Where’d I put that “W” for “WPIX”?

4. My dad forced me to become a sports announcer…I wanted to be a modern dancer!

3. What would Lindsay Nelson do?

2. Arghhh, there’s a big ball of fire in the sky!!! Oh wait, it’s a day game.

1. No Murph, we have to wait till after you win the game to do the interview.

If you were in KB’s shoes, what would you be thinking? The comments section is yours.

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