Alright. I’m fine with Jordany Being Jordany.

By Sam Maxwell

As I sit here unable to rest, thinking about the Mets and and a bunch of whatever’s rest, my mind wanders to The Man he calls “El Hombre.”

The Man who stands in front of a canvas of himself, wearing black, and orange, and yellow, and teal. The Man who created THIS. The Man who probably will never create more El Hombre’s. The Man, who in his short time in the Orange and Blue he does not wear home, has already been involved in many a classic Met moment (though I retreat to some February’s and such as well.)

(Black Horse Fever, Keith?)

Sometimes I see Jordany do amazing things, only to be the only thing getting in his way. Sometimes I see Jordany create THIS for the world.

But you know what?

It’s been a blast, even if you sometimes leave us shaking our heads.

And even if there aren’t that many more of those there highlights in our future, it’s still been extremely entertaining.

Or, maybe it’s just a sign of things to come…

(WHISPERS………………..”EL HOMBRE………”)

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