Rising Apple Report, Ep. 19 – Live at 6:30PM EST

By Sam Maxwell

The Rising Apple Report is back for it’s 19th episode of the year! I will host, with staff writer Will Deboer joining the passenger’s seat for the 1st time since the inaugural show.

On today’s episode, we’ll wrap up the Dodgers series, which finishes up this afternoon (hopefully with a series win.)

Prior to the Phillies 1st visit to the Citi this season, my freshman roommate Ted, an avid Phillies/baseball fan quoted many times on Converted Mets Fan, will call in a give us a rundown of where his Fightin’s currently stand.

So tune in at 6:30PM EST for the latest edition of the Rising Apple Report!

Rising Apple Report, Ep. 19 – Dodgers Series Wrapup & Phillies Preview w Ted

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