Rising Apple Report, Ep. 18 – Nats Wrapup & Dodgers Preview

By Sam Maxwell

Unfortunately, after postponing the podcast last Monday because of the bombings, we attempted to produce Ep. 18 on Thursday prior to the Nats series. The fates didn’t apparently want us to get any podcast done last week, for a minute before we went on the air, Blog Talk Radio informed us of technical difficulties they were having, and on cue, each of our voices came through choppy on the line.

FINALLY, though without Hayden from Rox Pile who will join us when the Rockies come to town, we were able to get Episode 18 on the air on Monday at 6:30PM EST.

Andrew from District on Deck called in to talk about things such as the Nats defensive woes, Ryan Zimmerman‘s bum shoulder and whether there will be a bullpen shakeup anytime soon.

And Scott from Lasorda’s Lair called in to preview the Dodgers before they roll in this evening for a 3-game set (which included plenty of talk about Carlos Quentin and the Zack Greinke injury.)

Danny and I also briefly discussed Rafael Montero (who I couldn’t stop calling Rafael Soriano with the Nats talk still fresh in my head) and Brandon Nimmo, who are each dominating their respective minor league levels.

So, fill a little more than a half-hour of your afternoon with the Rising Apple Report, the best Mets talk on the internet airwaves!

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