Rising Apple Top Ten: Talk About Old School

By Will DeBoer

Ladies and gentlemen, here is tonight’s Top Ten list!

Tonight’s category: Top Ten Answers to the Question “How Old is Scott Atchsion?”

Apr 12, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; New York Mets relief pitcher Scott Atchison (50) delivers a pitch in the seventh inning against the Minnesota Twins at Target Field. The Mets won 16-5. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Now this was something that popped up during the second game of yesterday’s doubleheader in Denver: as 37-year-old Scott Atchison took the mound for the Mets against the Rockies, fans on Twitter took notice of the late hour and his (relatively) advanced age:

@mistermet: “Scott Atchison wants to get to sleep before Johnny Carson comes on tonight.

@greg_prince: “There’s a portrait of Scott Atchison in an attic getting younger. #Mets

@TheHappyRecap: Nice inning by Atchison, his great grandsons would have loved to see it, but it’s waaay past their bed time.

So here now, as a special mid-week distraction from yet another snow delay, we have a top ten list worked on in the last 24 hours by many of us here on the RA staff, and based on the idea from our own Sam Maxwell.

Top Ten Answers to the Question “How Old is Scott Atchison?”

10. He’s so old, he signed his first contract with a quill pen.

9. He’s so old, he answers calls to the bullpen by telegraph.

8. He’s so old, George Burns used to have a picture of him on his wall.

7. He’s so old, his baseball card is etched in hieroglyph.

6. He’s so old, his first wild pitch killed the dinosaurs.

5. He’s so old, he helped Abner Doubleday fake invent baseball.

4. He’s so old, he is the first “A” in AARP (Atchison’s Association of Retired Persons).

3. He’s so old, even Nolan Ryan is all, “Whoa, take it easy, sir.”

2. He’s so old, NBC wants to replace him with Jimmy Fallon.

1. He’s so old, he’s already forgotten about last night’s doubleheader.

Have your own answer to the question? The comment section is yours.

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