Rising Apple Report New Schedule – Ep. 16: Met Silverman of “Swinging ’73”

By Sam Maxwell

With the 2013 season becoming familiar to us, the Rising Apple Report has adjusted and added to its schedule. With baseball back and so much to talk about, we will now join the internet airwaves twice a week, on both Monday and Thursday at 6:30PM EST. Last night acted as a pregame of sorts, as myself and Kevin Baez talked plenty of Phillies prior to first pitch. Matt Silverman, otherwise known as Met Silverman, joined us to not only talk about the current Mets incarnation, but his new book detailing the entire 1973 baseball season called Swinging ’73.

Forty years later, Matt not only details the Mets “Ya Gotta Believe” run, but details such things as George Steinbrenner’s first season owning the Yanks, the Oakland A’s and their crazy owner, Charlie O’Finley, and the 1st incarnation of the Designated Hitter.

To purchase “Swinging ’73,” head to amazon.com.

And spend the waning hours at work with the best half-hour of Mets talk on the internet airwaves!

Also, make sure you’re back for Ep. 17 on Thursday where we wrap up the Phillies series and preview the “we-have-to-get-used-to-this” Twin City series.

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