‘Twas the Night Before Once More…

By Sam Maxwell

…And throughout all the land

Fans lay restlessly tossing

They can’t welcome the sandman.

The closer they get, though

To that ballpark of green

The faster their minds

Can finally find some peace.

It’s a Catch-22

But at some point we’ll get to bed.

And then, in this quadrant

“Let’s. Go. Mets.” will be loudly said.

Our Orange and Blue brethren

will gather once more

Though expectations are low

We will all root for them to soar.

Though that rhyme might be corny

It certainly holds true

Just like us fans

to this Metsian crew.

So, do whatever it takes

To head off to sleep

And hope to God nobody

Around makes a peep

Until that ‘larm goes off

when you hop out of bed

Throw your Orange and Blue on

make sure your kids get fed.

Throw the Rising Apple Report on

(which will be live from Citi Field)

And enjoy the fact

You might have a hot dog for a meal.

That Grass will be so green.

And the skies will be so blue

Hovering over Flushing Meadow

Aw man…All that BALLPARK FOOD!!!!!!

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