Rising Apple Report, Ep. 13 – Starting Pitching’s Falling Down & A Marlin Maniac

By Sam Maxwell

Last night, I had the privilege of hosting the last Spring Training episode of the Rising Apple Report. I am ecstatic we here at your one-stop shop for all things New York Mets will finally be doing regular season podcasts come the beginning of next week, but for now, enjoy the finalé of our offseason sounds.

In this episode, we checked in on the Mets eventual 6-2 win over the Houston Astros, as it was in the top of the 2nd when we began the show. After the update, we of course had to discuss the virtual-reality upheaval that started the other day to get Zack Wheeler to the big leagues with the question marks that surround the depth of the starting rotation. We all had strong opinions on it, especially Danny.

After that discussion, we welcomed Andres Salgado of Fansided’s Marlin Maniac onto the show for not only some insight on the Marlins, but some fantastic perspective on the overall baseball experience. We very much appreciate his time and will surely have him back on to discuss the season as it progresses.

At the tailend of that interview, it was reported that Elvin Ramirez was traded to the Angels for cash considerations, so once Andres got off the line I brought up the news and we discussed the young hurler (who we’ll miss dearly…?…)

And finished with some last thoughts.

So, settle into the latter-afternoon with the best half-hour of Mets talk in the internet ether.

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