Rising Apple Report Ep. 10 – Leadership Skills, Byrd in Center? & Metsian Perseverance

By Sam Maxwell

Last night, I had the privilege of hosting the 10th Rising Apple Report and was happy to be joined by Staff Writers Dan Haefeli and Danny Abriano for the piping-hot half-hour of Mets talk. After a few weeks straight with some fantastic guests, it was just the three of us pumped to discuss this favorite ballclub of ours. These synopses are clearly getting shorter and shorter now that I figured out the whole embedding thing, so I’ll give you a little rundown…and then just press that play button.

We got right into it with Danny Abriano’s recap of the non-televised/non-english-broadcasted game between the Mets and the Venezuelan WBC team (14-10 loss.) Carlos Torres got roughed up once more, and we contemplated why Terry Collins keeps throwing him into the fire. After some roster talk, we transitioned to Joe Torre passing over Ike Davis for Eric Hosmer to replace Mark Teixeira on the USA WBC roster. We then discussed my take on David Wright‘s absence being a blessing-in-disguise for the development of other players’ leadership skills. We got to how awful we think the idea to put Marlon Byrd in center is (especially with all the other choices they have,) and we capped the show by discussing our individual Metsian roots, brought on by this fantastic Danny Abriano post on his grandfather’s Mets Legacy (Dan’s story is interesting as well, for he kind of just accidently found himself around the Mets broadcasts, and they of course became endearing to him.)

So, pass the time this Thursday afternoon with the latest episode of The Rising Apple Report! (And make sure to subscribe to us in iTunes!)

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