Rising Apple Report – Tonight at 6:30PM EST

By Sam Maxwell

The Rising Apple Report enters double digits for the very 1st time as the 10th episode is delivered to your Metsian ears. I will host once more, as Staff Writers Dan Haefeli and Danny Abriano join me for the sizzling half-hour of Metropolitan talk.

On this week’s show, with David Wright ready to throw down for the WBC and Ike Davis getting passed over to replace Mark Teixeira, we will discuss what the Captain’s absence in camp means for the leadership skills of others. Speaking of the WBC, we will briefly discuss the tournament and our take on its place in the sport.

In light of Adam Rubin’s report that Marlon Byrd might be an option to platoon in center if Kirk is injured or keeps sucking, we will discuss how awful we think that idea is, and then discuss how awful we think that idea is. And then at some point later on, we will mention how awful we think that idea is.

Last but not least, we will dig a little deeper into all three of our Metsian roots in lieu of Danny Abriano’s post on his grandfather and Mets fans’ perseverence.

So, make sure you’re right back here at 6:30PM EST for the latest edition of The Rising Apple Report!

Rising Apple Report Ep. 10 – Leadership Skills, Byrd in Center? & Metsian Perseverence

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