The Rising Apple Report Airs Tonight at 6:30 EST

By Sam Maxwell

The Rising Apple Report has arrived at its 9th episode of the year as hosting duties are once more bestowed upon myself, with Staff Writers Rich Sparago, Michael Lecolant and Danny Abriano joining me to discuss all the latest news and opinions surrounding the New York Metropolitans.

As we settle into the spring schedule, us at Rising Apple are thrilled to welcome not one but TWO powerhouses from the Metsian blogosphere.

First up, Steve Keane from the Kranepool Society joins us immediately after his conference call with Sandy Alderson. We will begin with his take on the call, then discuss his roots in blogging and its ever-changing landscape. And of course, we will discuss the 2013 New York Mets.

Ted Berg of USA Today will join us thereafter to talk about those Metsies as well. We will also discuss his current gig writing about baseball for the national paper and how the transition from SNY is going. Speaking of SNY, we will look back to when he started there 5 years ago and how he came about working at the corner of 51st and 6th.

(And I’m sure we’ll get to Sandwiches…and Taco Bell…and Beards…and Carlos Beltran.)

So be sure to join us at 6:30PM for the latest edition of The Rising Apple Report!

The Rising Apple Report, Ep. 9 – Steve from “Kranepool” & Ted Berg Joins the Report

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