Rising Apple Top Ten: #MattHarveyFacts

By Sam Maxwell

All of us here at Rising Apple have gotten very amped up for how Baller Matt Harvey seems to be.

Even before yesterday’s tweet, we have all been floored by the 23-year-old’s maturity, focus and demeanor on the mound, not to mention his above-average stuff. Then, before posing for Photo Day yesterday, he tweeted the following, and responded to a reply:

THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ‘BOUT!!!! As Dan Haefeli said after I sent those tweets over,

"It fires me up how much of a badass Matt Harvey is.”"

With that, Dan began tweeting a bunch of #MattHarveyFacts, some of which you will see down below. We all got into it and started emailing some back and forth, deciding it would be our next Rising Apple Top Ten. We all put it to a vote and came up with the following list.

(If you did not get a chance to see our inaugural list regarding contents buried underneath the Parking Lot that is Shea Stadium, please click here.)

Without further adieu, I present the Rising Apple Top Ten #MattHarveyFacts:

10. Matt Harvey once threw 70% of his pitches for strikes in a game. Blindfolded.

9. When scouts went to go see Matt Harvey pitch, they asked him first.

8. Matt Harvey likes his Cheerios with napalm.

7. Matt Harvey was kicked out of Blue Oyster Cult because the Reaper feared him.

6. Matt Harvey ices his arm after games to warm the blood in his veins.

5. Matt Harvey isn’t going to the All-Star Game this year. The All-Star Game is coming to Matt Harvey.

4. When Matt Harvey shakes off a pitch, the catcher apologizes.

3. Justin Verlander sleeps in Matt Harvey Pajamas.

2. The asteroid that landed in Russia? It was actually just Matt Harvey long tossing.

And the Number 1 #MattHarveyFact is……………………………………

1. The Most Interesting Man in the World has a poster of Matt Harvey on his wall.

So, there you have it. The Top Ten #MattHarveyFacts! The young man’s Baller Level is skyrocketing on a daily basis, so keep a keen eye on Rising Apple for the latest reasons why Matt Harvey is The Man. For more #MattHarveyFacts, check out Dan Haefeli’s twitter handle.

And of course, check back here for another brand-new installment of the Rising Apple Top Ten.

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