Mets, Ike Davis Agree On 2013 Salary – And Other Amazin’ Money Musings

By Michael Lecolant

The Mets avoided the sometimes ugly process of salary arbitration first with reliever Bobby Parnell, and now with first baseman Ike Davis.

In Friday’s arbitration case, Ike Davis reportedly submitted a $3.7 million dollar figure.  The Mets meanwhile were said to have countered with a $2.825 million dollar offer.  Both sides then reached a compromise however, and Ike Davis will earn $3.125 million for the 2013 season.  Ike Davis earned $506, 690 last year.

Sept 2, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; New York Mets player Ike Davis (29) is congratulated by teammates in the dugout after scoring during the first inning against the Miami Marlins at Marlins Park. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This past Thursday, the Mets avoided salary arbitration and reached a one year agreement with Bobby Parnell on a $1.7 million dollar pact.  Last season he earned a $504,000 salary.

In the Mets third pending salary arbitration case, Daniel Murphy’s 2013 salary is still yet to be determined.  Both sides submitted their proposals before Friday’s filing deadline. The Mets second baseman is looking for a raise up from the $512,200 he earned last season.  Murphy is reported to be asking for $3.4 million dollars.  The Mets countered with a $2.55 million dollar offer.

In related money matters, only Jon Niese and David Wright are under contract beyond the 2014 season.  That also includes the manager, Terry Collins.

The Mets seem intent on maintaining a roughly $93 million dollar payroll (+/-) for the upcoming season.  At current, they have seven players that will potentially cost them $72,375,000 million dollars alone.  Johan Santana’s $25,500,000 million 2013 salary accounts for a robust 35% of the Mets current payroll.  Jason Bay’s 2013 $21 million dollar total, all inclusive compensation (salary+signing bonus+buyout) accounts for roughly another 23% of the Mets current payroll.  And then David Wright places next as his salary takes up 15% of the Mets current payroll obligation.  And just as a pleasant reminder, the Mets still have Bobby Bonilla on the payroll too.  They will be paying him $1.2 million dollars a season for another twenty four more years to come.

Since we are rehashing old Mets money memories, remember back in 2011 that Sandy Alderson had the Wilpons (justifiably) eat Luis Castillo’s remaining $6 million, and Oliver Perez’ $12 million dollars remaining on their respective deals.  He then traded Francisco Rodriguez and had the Wilpons effectively eat another $6 million dollars in salary that went to Milwaukee as part of the deal.  That made a total of $24 million dollars into the fire.

Hey, that’s the cost of doing business.  Sometimes teams engage in good business.  Sometimes they engage in bad business.  At the end of the day, it all costs money.  Then in turn, the costs invariably get passed down on us, the fans.  That concludes today’s Mets Money financial report.  Remember fans, show up at Citi Field this season and spend all your discretionary income.  The Wilpons have a lot of debt to pay off – $700 million dollars worth.

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