Nothing New on Wright or Dickey, But There Are Predictions For Melky

By Matt Musico

Want to know something new in regards to the contract negotiations between the Mets and David Wright and/or R.A. Dickey? Well, you’re out of luck, because I’ve got nothing for you. An anonymous person with knowledge of the talks between the parties told Andy McCullough of the Star-Ledger we are not close to seeing either one of New York’s best players from 2012 signing a long-term extension.

According to Joel Sherman, the majority of baseball officials he’s talked to think the Mets will eventually agree to terms with Wright, but there’s plenty of work to be done at the negotiating table. Sandy Alderson truly wanted to get both Wright and Dickey signed to extensions as fast as he could, but as we’re now entering the fifth week since New York’s final game of 2012, people are starting to get restless, including the newspaper reporters. It’s amazing how many different stories they can write without any real new information. They’ve had to rely solely on these anonymous sources since neither the Mets nor the representation for Wright or Dickey are divulging any details. From what we’ve been hearing, Alderson wants to take care of Wright’s extension first before he gets into any deep conversations with the NL Cy Youngfavorite.

August 6, 2012; St. Louis, MO. USA; San Francisco Giants left fielder Melky Cabrera (53) hits a single in the fourth inning against the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-US PRESSWIRE

So, this doesn’t mean Wright is destined to be traded just yet; stay patient and we’ll see how everything shakes out. With the GM Meetings starting today, things could be moving a lot faster. Wright’s representation, the Levinsons of ACES, were cleared of any wrongdoing after one of their employees (Juan Nunez) tried to create a website to help cover up Melky Cabrera‘s positive drug test, which landed him a 50-game suspension.

Also, in case you missed our reaction from yesterday, Lucas Duda was released from the hospital after undergoing surgery to repair a fractured wrist. How did that happen, you ask? Well, he was moving furniture in his Southern California apartment. No, I’m not making this up. He is projected to make a full recovery in plenty of time before Spring Training starts.

In staying with moves that directly will affect the roster, Mike Nickeas made his way into the news for the second time in about a week. He was recently out-righted back to Triple-A, removing him from the 40-man roster. Instead of accepting his assignment back to the minors, Nickeas has decided to enter free agency once he cleared waivers, leaving Josh Thole and newly acquired Anthony Recker as the two catchers on the roster. Fellow teammate Fred Lewis also followed suit, filing for free agency as well.

Kevin Davidoff of the New York Post came out and predicted the Mets will sign Melky Cabrera to a one-year/$4 million contract for 2013. What’s the basis for this prediction? Couldn’t tell ya, but that didn’t stop him from making his case to bring the Melk man back to New York after what ended up being a trying 2012 for him. I don’t care if I have to say in a million times, because I’ll keep saying it until I’m blue in the face; I DO NOT want Melky Cabrera on the Mets roster next season. I also don’t care if he came to Flushing and acted like a saint, he can’t be trusted.

It’s one kind of gamble to take when you sign a player coming off an injury, but it’s totally different when you sign someone that doesn’t have good character. If you get caught with PEDs, OK fine. People make mistakes and learn from them. However, don’t try and create a website to cover up your positive test, that just makes you look like a fool. Melky has had his good days and his bad days, like we all have, but I thought it was a little odd the Giants didn’t even consider putting him on the postseason roster once he became eligible (although I wholeheartedly agreed with them). That leads me to believe there was something else going on there. Plus, a $4 million investment is way too much in someone that is just as likely to crash and burn as he is to succeed.

Do you think the Mets should take a chance on Melky?