How to Bide Your Time Without Metsian Baseball

By Sam Maxwell

While I’m sure there are many of you who find the offseason transition not at all troubling, there are others, such as me, who don’t particularly take well to the newest old feeling. We are more than used to starting the transition a month early, but then all of a sudden (because of a sweep) there is no more baseball. We are left arriving at 7:10 PM with nothing but Hurricane and Election coverage on. So, here are some things, in no particular order, us Orange and Blue fans can do to pass the offseason time away.

1. Watch too much MLB Network

For better or worse, we live in a time where we don’t even need to have an offseason if don’t want one. We can not only eat up as much speculation as we want, but can also bask in the glory days and soak up the game 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They do a great job over there, reminding us as they make excellent television just how much fun the game of baseball is.

2. Watch a lot of Netflix

Right now, after watching 17 1/2 hours of the New York Documentary, I am using the lack of a Flushing Fest to watch a bunch of docs on that streaming site, including This Film is Not Yet Rated and The People vs. George Lucas. Speaking of which…

3. Scour the internet for Mark Hamill-Episode VII information

I’m pretty caught up in the recent news. I’m sure many of you are as well. I say this much here on Converted. Waiting for the next Star Wars movie will be like waiting for Opening Day, only this time, Opening Day isn’t till the Summer of 2015.

4. Listen for Random Songs to put on your blog.

5. Read a book?

6. Watch Mets Yearbooks and Mets Classics.

Remember that there are now 51 seasons to revel in until we have a 52nd. If you haven’t entertained yourself with a Yearbook or a Classic, then please do so. Know your history, and, in doing so, better understand yourself and your fandom. And its always a thrill to watch a game you either haven’t seen in a while or never got a chance to watch intently pitch by pitch the first time around. (Plus, this is the best way to learn some more Metsian History since I’m takin’ waaay too long to write a couple Belated “This Dates.”)

I hope some of these suggestions help you move from day to day until it includes the New York Mets. There should be some offseason action in the coming weeks, as we get updated on the possible extensions and the awards are announced. But the majority of the time from now until February 13, 2013, will be Metsless, so choose wisely what you do with the months you’ve been given. You can either get that novel you’ve been workin’ on done, or you can watch Mets Yearbook 1978 for the Umpteenth time.

The choice…is up to you…

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