2012: A Hybrid of the 50 Seasons Prior

By Sam Maxwell

It’s October 5th. There are two games being played today that will decide quickly what direction the final 8 will be headed. What we know is this: There will be no Orange and Blue Hue lighting up your playoff screen. While in and of itself, it is depressing, we as fans can take serious solace in the fact that we just experienced 50 years of fandom wrapped tightly in 162 games. Not one element of the history of this team went unrepresented, and having reached new horizons we can march into the future able to whether the storm a little better.

In 2012,  a place found me where I can voice my Metsian thoughts, having allowed me to explore the team’s seasons at a deeper level than I had ever before. Of course, being a history buff, I had watched Mets Yearbooks, read stuff online and what not. But having “This Date” has allowed me to explore the Mets’ games in a way I had only explored while writing my historic baseball script, breaking it down in as close of a description as you can have without actually having seen it. And while you could argue that EVERY Mets season is a hybrid of each one, in a way, it being the 50th Anniversary lent itself to mean that much more.

This season, we had the two-out hits and we had our pop flies. We had some of the best starting pitching in the league, as great as it’s ever been, and what felt like the worst bullpen ever.  We had our stretches of 1962’s, and even ventured to where 1962 never even managed to.

And we had the taste of a championship.

It was certainly a thrill to celebrate the 50th anniversary with a 51st season for the ages. Though a similar 2nd half collapse to too many seasons, that No-han changes the whole dynamic. What we all felt that day was something not one fan prior to it felt. We got a single game championship to bask in for the rest of our lives. Nothing can take it away, and I’d like to thank each and every person involved for making it possible.

The first will always be the sweetest, but I’m sure the 2nd will be pretty bleepin’ sweet as well. Who knows what the 52nd season has in store for us, but I know it will be sweet. I am more of a fan today than I’ve ever been before, and with the offseason on its way, that trend will probably continue. As life goes on, and baseball continues to be the best thing ever.


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