Selig Has Confidence in the Wilpons, Harvey in Full Shutdown Mode

By Matt Musico

It has been a quite a trying few years for the Mets and the Wilpon family, owners of the organization since the early 1980s. Bud Selig was on ESPN Radio with Mike Lupica yesterday, and did something that probably shocked some people, but sure as heck didn’t shock me; he put his trust and faith behind the Wilpons to get the Mets back on track.

There have been a number of fans that would have loved Selig to step in like he did with Frank McCourt and the mess that was the Los Angeles Dodgers, but he hasn’t done so yet, and after his comments yesterday, it doesn’t look like he will be any time soon. The MLB Commissioner went on to say that he not only has faith in the Wilpons, but also Sandy Alderson, who he said is an “outstanding baseball man.” Then, he mentioned the word that no fan wants to hear, especially if their favorite team is in a big market like New York City…rebuilding.

Mar 12, 2011; Tucson, AZ, USA; Commissioner of major league baseball, Bud Selig is interviewed by the media during a game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Milwaukee Brewers at the Maryvale Baseball Park. The Brewers won 6-4. Mandatory Credit: Chris Morrison-US PRESSWIRE

"“Look, rebuilding jobs take time. I’ve watched it. I’ve watched it myself. I know how difficult they are. I’m telling you right now: The New York Mets, I have absolutely complete confidence they’ll be a very competitive baseball team in the years to come.”"

That’s all well and good, but no one outside of Bud Selig and the organization itself has any faith in the Wilpons. When the team was going well, we heard that money wasn’t an issue anymore when it came to getting the players they need. Now that they’ve tanked, they’re back to saying there is only a finite amount of money they can spend this winter. I like to think I’m a rational person, so I’m by no means asking the organization to go on a shopping spree like the Marlins did last year, but stay consistent with the message you’re sending your fans. Fortunately for the Wilpons, Selig is the most important person they need to support them in returning to a competitive ballclub, and that’s all that matters at this point.

Frank Francisco, who hasn’t been available out of the bullpen for Terry Collins since the team’s series in Milwaukee, underwent an MRI on his elbow. At the moment, it doesn’t look like a serious ailment, but his workload will be limited because the test showed tendonitis. This is just a sour ending to what has been a trying year for the Mets closer. Here’s to hoping that he spends the winter getting healthy, physically and mentally, so he can be more consistent in 2013.

After throwing 7 spectactular innings and striking out 7 more Phillie hitters, Matt Harvey is in full shutdown mode for the remainder of the season. Now that he has reached the innings limit the Mets had set for 2012, he will no longer be allowed to throw bullpen sessions or receive outside instruction, which makes sense. I mean, they want to make sure he rests his arm adequately before he starts up the process of preparing for 2013. The biggest area of improvement for Harvey’s game will be keeping his pitch count down and controlling his pitches better. Collins suggested they will try to have their right-hander take some velocity off his fastball in favor or more control, much like what Bobby Parnell has learned to do this season.