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Living On The Edgin


At this point in the season, Josh Edgin is the only Mets reliever who doesn’t give you a heart attack, gray hairs, or make you want to change the channel. Ever since Edgin has been called up on July thirteenth, he has made almost zero mistakes. Take away the home run he gave up to Chipper Jones in his first appearance and he has basically been lights out. Edgin’s numbers are fantastic. In twelve games he pitched twelve innings, giving up nine hits and three earned runs, while striking out nineteen. Although this is a small sample size, he has been the most efficient arm in what has been a horrible bullpen.

What Edgin has done in the Majors is very similar to his success in his Minor League career.  Since starting his professional career in 2010, he has accumulated more strikeouts than innings pitched each season. In 2010, Edgin struck out 46 in 34.2 innings pitched. In 2011, his strikeout to innings ratio was 76/66. While in 2012, he accomplished 45/43.1 in the minor leagues.

Edgin has been extremely effective when runners are in scoring position. He has walked one and given up three hits in sixteen plate appearances with runners on second or third. He has been basically the complete opposite of every Mets reliever this season. For a Mets bullpen who has an ERA over five on the season, Edgin has been by far the lone outlier of the group.

Josh has been successful with a two-pitch repertoire, his 92-95 mph fastball and his 82-85 mph slider. His slider dips hard and away towards lefties giving him thirteen strikeouts in twenty-six chances. His control has been great. He only walked four batters in 50 plate appearances. He has also limited hitters to a .196 average.

Josh Edgin is the lone bright spot in what has been a terrible year for the Mets bullpen. He is a lefty who can accumulate a high amount of strikeouts and can pitch well when his back is against the wall. Edgin was a 30th round pick in 2010 and so far from what we have seen, the Mets found a diamond in the rough.