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Jason Bay: Go Away


Jason Bay has come back from his second DL stint of the season last night. In one game we can conclude that he looks exactly like the Jason Bay we’ve grown accustom to. He grounded into a routine double play in his first at bat.   In the 4thinning he tapped one back to the pitcher. In his final at bat, Bay found himself in a situation that included David Wright, the tying run on third base with one out. All Bay had to do was put a ball in the air, preferably right or left field, to give the Mets a chance to tie up the ball game. Instead, Bay softly hit a ball to shallow center field, where Bryce Harper, who arguably has the best arm in the game was looming.  Wright’s only opportunity was to draw a throw by taking a few steps down the line. Bay was then pinched hit for by Jordany Valdespin in the bottom on the ninth. Valdespin gave the Mets the lead by hitting a three-run homer off the  Nationals closer, Tyler Clippard.

So things seem back to normal in Metland. Bay is back and he’s unproductive. Met fans understand we need a right-handed bat in a lineup that is so lefty heavy. Although, is it worth having a right-handed bat that can’t hit?  Met fans understand how much we are paying Jason Bay, but is it worth to throw him out there and watch him negatively impact a team? The guy isn’t half the player we signed back in the 2009 offseason. He’s not even a third of the player Met fans thought we’d get.

There is no point for me to run off Bay’s stats since he’s become a Met. He’s been atrocious. Bay has been bad to the point where its not even weird to find Met fans rooting against him. You know he’s going to fail and the more he fails means the less playing time he gets, which will correlate to a new player who can be more productive taking his spot in the lineup.

I feel bad for Jason. He picked the wrong city to be overpaid in during the heavy decline of his career. I’d much rather be rooting for the Jason Bay who can hit twenty to twenty-five home runs a year while driving in close to one hundred runs. We pray that Bay could wake up and do that, but he’s not waking up. It’s time to move on and either A.) Sit him on the bench or B.) Cut ties and eat that contract. The saddest part of this situation is that the Mets are answering the question with option C.) None of the above.