Mets Rumors

Don’t Trade Justin Turner


Justin Turner’s name has been flying around in trade rumors all day on Twitter.  Turner, who is a right-handed bat and a player that can play any infield position off the bench, has been very valuable to this Mets team over the past two seasons. Turner is an integral part of a bench that has been productive so far this season. Justin’s numbers aren’t eye popping (.284/.324/.358) but there is some impressive stats if you take a deeper look.

In 46 games this season, Turner has hit for an average of .284, with thirteen RBIs, and zero home runs. His strikeout to walk ratio is an unimpressive fourteen to five, and he has one stolen base. These stats are nothing to write home about. Now look past the initial numbers and you’ll find that Turner is hitting .409 and has twelve RBIs when runners are in scoring position. With RISP, he has a .440 OBP and slugging .455. Numbers don’t lie, and these numbers prove how big of an impact Turner has when coming off the bench in clutch situations. Speaking of clutch, Turner is batting .467 when runners are on second or third with two outs while delivering nine RBIs. It’s also key to note that with a team that’s lineup is so lefty heavy, his right-handed bat coming in to pinch hit will be enormous against lefties, such as Mark Buehrle, Cole Hamels, Gio Gonzalez, and Cliff Lee.

Turner needs to stay on the Mets. He is a necessary piece and vital to the success for this team. If we were to trade Justin Turner, the guy who’s replacing him better know how to pie a teammate after a big win.