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Ike Davis: Stay Mad


Ike Davis could be here to stay. The Mets first basemen has struggled massively throughout the 2012 season and he’s finally showing life not only in his bat, but he’s also bringing an emotional fire to the ballpark. Ike has been ejected twice in the month of June; most recently Tuesday after a blown call in the eight inning by umpire, Manny Gonzalez. A blown call, which ended up giving the Cubs an insurance run, and put the game out of reach for the Metropolitans. Davis was immediately ejected after he took out a season of frustration on Gonzalez. It hurt the Mets in the ninth when Omar Quintanilla replaced his spot in the lineup, though it was refreshing to see that there is life in Ike and he’s not just going through the motions.

In the month where Davis has been thrown out of two games, he has produced his best numbers of the year. For the Month of June, Davis has hit five home runs, drove in twenty RBIs, and has finally got over the Mendoza line after yesterdays 3-4 performance that

included his tenth home run of the season. Ike has also slugged at a percentage of .547 and produced an OPS of .929. Comparing those numbers to his totals in April and May are really refreshing to fans. In April, Ike had three home runs, with eight RBIs and had a slugging percentage of .309.  In May he was even worse, two long balls, thirteen runs batted in, while slugging a mere .282. The Mets desperately need this power bat Davis has supplied recently in the middle of the lineup to help produce runs at a faster pace.

There’s no way around it, other than the fact that Ike has been pretty awful this year. He’s been tough to watch. With that said, he’s still putting up decent power numbers. Davis surprisingly has more RBIs than some all star caliber names. Guys like Paul Konerko, Alex Rodriguez, Ian Kinsler, and Justin Upton all have driven in less runs than the Mets first basemen. Ok, he’s only batting 201 on the year, but with runners in scoring position he’s slugging at a .500 rate. Met fans can only hope that Davis can continue his recent surge of success. His bat production will make a world of difference in a lineup that struggles for the long ball.

Is there a suspension to follow for Ike’s most recent outburst on Tuesday? Probably. A one game ban and a one thousand dollar fine has been reported by ESPN New York. Though, it’ll be frustrating to lose Ike for that game, by no means should that stop the fire building in Ike’s stomach. Terry needs to make sure Ike stays mad and hungry, because that’s clearly what he needs to produce at his best.