Jason Bay Injury: Bay Cleared to Start Physical Activity

By Matt Musico

Jason Bay took the next step in recovering from his June 15th concussion yesterday, as he was cleared to start up physical activity for the first time since he slammed into the left field wall at Citi Field. A shock to just about everyone, including Bay himself, his recovery from this concussion is much quicker than the previous one he suffered back in 2010.

Bay told the media that he felt groggy and experienced headaches while resting the first days after the injury at his Westchester, NY home, but over the last two or three days, he’s felt “astronomically better” and hasn’t felt any side effects from the concussion. The first physical activity he will partake in happened yesterday, as he rode a stationary bike. Terry Collins said that if no symptoms from the

concussion present themselves, he will begin running midweek. If he continues to show no side effects, he will be cleared to begin baseball activity over the weekend, moving closer to a rehab assignment.

Let’s hope that once he’s ready for a trip to the minor leagues to get back into game shape, the organization will allow him some time at Triple-A Buffalo to get as close to MLB game speed as possible. The news of Bay’s quick recovery doesn’t excite many because he’s basically created a black hole in the lineup when he’s in it (.187/.253/.373). Although he’s mostly been unproductive, he has a good clubhouse presence and shows the younger players how a professional handles not only the media, but the pressure of not performing in a big city.

The one aspect of his game we can’t fault him for is his effort and passion for the game. Whenever he’s not successful at the plate, which is unfortunately more often than a normal big league starter, you can see the frustration build in his eyes. He desperately wants to be productive to not only help his team win, but to give the fans something to cheer about. There’s no doubt he’s trying, but we need to cross our fingers that the Baseball Gods will not be cruel to him anymore, either.