Little Jerry Seinfield Lives On

By Matt Musico

After Frank Francisco decided to describe the Yankees as “chickens” since he feels they complain to get calls, Tim Brydak decided to take matters in his own hands. Making light of the closer’s comments that were posted all over New York newspapers Friday morning, Byrdak brought a live chicken into the clubhouse.

No, Byrdak didn’t actually purchase the chicken himself, but he did the next best thing; asked a clubhouse attendant to. The attendant did the southpaw a solid and bought a chicken for $8 in Chinatown. Francisco admitted he used the wrong word to describe what he was trying to say about the Yankees, but it was too late. Thankfully for him, he has teammates that are able to make a joke and enjoy a laugh about it.

As we all know, the Mets are in Chicago tonight for the start of a three-game set against the Cubs, so even though Byrdak wanted Little Jerry Seinfield to make the trip with them, he needed to find him a home before the conclusion of the Subway Series. Using the power of social media, the reliever tweeted he was looking for a new home for the Mets’ adopted mascot, and he was answered quickly.  Meredith Turner of the Farm Sanctuary of Watkins Glen, NY was presented with Little Jerry, where he will be living out the rest of his days happily on the animal reserve. Byrdak and the Mets also presented the Sanctuary with a $500 check to cover any transportation expenses and housing supplies that the little guy would need.

In keeping with the joke, Byrdak said that he was planning on setting up a webcam at the reserve so he can keep tabs on Little Jerry, making sure he’s having a good time. Plus, he wants to keep him as the team’s mascot, introducing the Rally Chicken, much like what the Cardinals have done with their rally squirrel.

There are really no words for this story. Just another reason why this team is awesome. They had a tough weekend against the Yankees, but it could have been a lot worse if these comments weren’t met with some kind of humor. Not only did they have fun with Francisco’s comments, they saved a chicken’s life at the same time. Justin Turner joked on Twitter that Brydak wore sunglasses the whole way to Chicago to hide his tears now that he’s separated from his little friend.

Either way, we don’t hear about teammates having this much fun over some controversial comments made about an opponent. Players like Brydak and Turner help mold the chemistry of a team, and so far, they’re doing a great job.