Mets Swept By Cincinnati Reds, But Don’t Judge Till After Orioles Series

By Michael Lecolant

From getting swept by the Yankees, to sweeping the Rays, to getting swept again by the Reds; the pendulum on the Mets’ season continues to swing.  A few more deep cuts in the rope, and the grand piano with a Mets logo on it will come falling out of the sky.  So look out below.

Now that you’ve been warned, how do you feel today Met fans?  Feeling like they couldn’t sustain momentum?  That’s how I’m leaning.  But when you deal in extremes as the Mets do, our opinions are bound to swing like a pendulum as well.  And whether you’re on the left extreme or the right, play like this weekend’s deserves cutting words.  But I’m going to temper myself however.  Complaining on Sunday night would be too easy.

Had the Mets been bobbing three games above .500 with, say the cast of characters of three years ago, then I’d agree this was a team with it’s glass half empty.  Not to mention, I’d probably be in the middle of a vicious rant right about now.  This young cast is however, a team playing with a glass half full.  I think we can all agree on that.

We land from this nineteen game long odyssey which started back against the Cardinals, this Thursday, after the Orioles series, and before the Subway Series resumes.  That’s when we generally decided to let the opinions fly.  We said let’s see how they do, and where they wind up.  They have three games left to find their way.  So hold your tongues, and stick with the plan.

The truth is, this was another way of me saying, don’t let this weekend pollute your thinking regarding the trade deadline as well.

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