Kirk Nieuwenhuis Taking the Train to the Game

By Matt Musico

The MLB Fan Cave puts on some awesome events throughout the course of a baseball season. The first one that comes to mind is when R.A. Dickey ventured out on his off-day to see who had the best whiffle ball pitch they could offer. Yesterday, Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Yankees pitcher Cody Eppley, both Subway Series first-timers, took the 4 train to the 161st street/Yankee Stadium stop, while in full uniform. Without a doubt, it was an eye-opening experience to Captain Kirk.

Getting to play in your first Subway Series has got to be very exciting and nerve-racking at the same time, and Nieuwenhuis saw first-hand just how much people care about baseball in New York City. He got plenty of stares during his train ride, and admitted that it probably would have been less awkward for him if they were taking the 7 train to Citi Field, but the outfielder had a lot of fun with

opposing fans, who heckled him a little bit by telling him they would lose three straight to the Bronx Bombers. He also spoke to a couple Mets fans, one that has been following the team since 1968, which has to be humbling for the young outfielder.

This Subway Series has been one of the most hyped match-ups in quite some time, as both the Mets and Yankees boast winning records and are in the thick of their division races heading into the summer time. It must have been a surreal experience for fans to be on the train heading to their destination, while seeing two Major League Baseball players hanging out in full uniform.

There is no better way to feel all the excitement about the Subway Series than being in the thick of train ride to the game. Nieuwenhuis and Eppley were able to see the pride and bragging rights that are on the line for fans as New York’s two baseball teams lock up for their annual match-ups. What would you do if you were taking the train to the game and saw two Big Leaguers all suited up, just hanging out like everyone else? Both Captain Kirk and Eppley were interacting with fans too, as Eppley was getting feedback from fellow Yankee fans and Nieuwenhuis was getting jeered at playfully, for the most part.

Although he would have preferred to do this in a couple weeks and take the 7 train to Citi Field, Nieuwenhuis thought it was fun and fitting to take the Subway into the game before the start of, well, the Subway Series. It gives the games a little more meaning to them, as if there wasn’t enough buzz and excitement once they step foot out on the field. There are a lot of fans that have grown tired of inter-league play and are upset about the increased amount of it that will occur next year, but I always look forward to the Subway Series each year. It’s a bonding experience between fans that can’t be explained until you watch a game for yourself.

Thanks to a short train ride to the stadium, both Nieuwenhuis and Eppley got to see a little bit of what the bond is like themselves.