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Does the Mets’ Lack of Power Concern You Yet?


Is the opposite of Moneyball, Brute Force and Ignorance?

In Games One and Two against Toronto, Moneyball only got the Mets so far.  In facing Ricky Romero and getting thumped, then facing Brandon Morrow and getting white-washed, the Mets not only made five-game winners of them both, but they were limited to seven total hits, yet walked nine times.  In fact, the Mets drew fifteen walks in all, but only managed nineteen total hits in the series, largely due to Game Two’s three hit output.

In losing Game One, the Mets left six runners on base, and in losing Game Two, they only left three.  Yet in their Game Three win, they left eleven runners on base.  What does that mean?  Who cares.  This is more important.  In the three game series, the Mets batted 5 for 28 with runners in scoring position.  That’s a .179 batting average.  Maybe we should care about that.

Scott Hairston hit the Mets’ lone home run of the series.  They did manage to hit six doubles though.  That adds up to twenty-two total bases.  Toronto hit four home runs off Jon Niese alone, and totalled six home runs for the series.  That comes out to twenty-four total bases.  Doubles and home runs are the trade marks of a slugger.  So, let’s leave triples (and singles) out of this, shall we?

Toronto’s Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion have as many home runs as the entire Mets team.  Edwin Encarnacion’s thirteen home runs are equal to David Wright’s, Lucas Duda’s, and Ike Davis’, combined home run total.  And Jose Bautista’s eleven home runs are equal to the rest of the Mets.

Eventually, the Mets’ lack of power is going to catch up with them.  Ike Davis plays a big part in this.  But I personally would not send him to Buffalo for a spell.  He actually leads the team with five homers.  Behind Ike are David Wright and Lucas Duda with four each.  And then, yes, Scott Hairston is hot on the team leader’s heels with three home runs.   That’s all I’m saying.

We play Pittsburgh next.  Even they have more home runs than we do.  Blame Canada for inspiring this post.  I do.

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