The Finger Injury Epidemic Spreads to Jason Bay

By Matt Musico

What’s up with jammed fingers these days? First, David Wright fractured his pinkie diving back into first base on Monday against the Nationals, now Jason Bay is dealing with a jammed finger of his own after diving back into first himself against Philly on Saturday. He had to sit out Sunday’s 8-2 loss against Cole Hamels and the Phillies, but he’s back in the lineup tonight against the Braves, hitting in the fifth spot behind Ike Davis.

Since Bay injured himself on Saturday, he’s continually downplayed his injury in comparison to Wright because his wasn’t nearly as serious, but his finger did swell Saturday night and the team was concerned that they might have to place Bay on the disabled list, but that’s not the case. He jammed his right ring finger, and X-rays on Saturday showed that there was no break, so it was just a matter of how bad the swelling was, and it’s obviously tolerable.

When talking to reporters about his status for tonight’s game, Jason said “It does bother me, but its something I will be able to play through.” Let’s hope that he will be productive through the discomfort that this injury causes. Wright set the bar for his teammates after missing only three games, then registering five hits in the last two games. That type of attitude towards the game can become infectious throughout a Major League team, which has its fair share of bumps and bruises throughout a season.

Bay returns to the lineup after both Ike Davis and Lucas Duda have broken out of their slumps this past weekend at Philadelphia, so his presence is very important; hitting in between these two players could make or break their progress back to being consistent, especially Davis. Bay has to be healthy enough to show that he can cause some damage, forcing opposing pitchers to give Davis some better pitches to hit. He’s only in the lineup because he feels he can do just that. Despite going 0-3 on opening day, Bay has experienced success against Tommy Hanson in the past (1 HR, 2 RBI, 2BB), so that could help the Mets left fielder get back on track after missing Sunday’s finale in Philadelphia.

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