Street Vibe: Asking Random Mets Fans Questions About 2012

By Unknown author

Most people spend their Sundays catching up on their DVR’d television of the week or just trying their best not to remember that Monday is soon approaching. I, instead, spent part of my Sunday randomly going up to people on the street wearing Mets stuff, and asking them questions about the upcoming season. Their reactions varied.

Jeff S.: I plan to watch them, but I’m not going to a game. No way. If the ownership doesn’t want to spend money to put good players on the field, then why should I pay good money for a ticket, shirt, beer, and hotdog? No way.

Daniel B.: This new GM, Sandy Alderson, I think he’s ruining the team. I get it, the Mets spent too much money on bad players in the past, but there’s no reason to not spend a lot of money on a guy like Jose Reyes. I hope this guy [Sandy Alderson] knows what the [bleep] he’s doing.

Luis E.: I think they will be good. Maybe not win the division or go to the playoffs, but I’m excited to watch them play. Maybe I just love baseball.

Scott W.: The Mets will win 75 games. That’s my prediction.

Larry M.: I’ve been a fan since the Mets were new, so I’ve seen a LOT of bad teams. I don’t expect them to be nearly as bad as those teams, but I don’t expect them to be around in October either.

David D.: I think the only thing standing in the way of this team winning ballgames are the “ifs.” You can put an “if” next to every player on this team. That’s usually not a good thing–but then again, if the “ifs” fall in your favor, there can be some pleasant surprises.