S2S 2012 Team Prospect Lists: New York Mets

By Unknown author

Once again, the New York Mets have been featured on Fan Sided’s prospect blog, Seedlings to Stars. This time, it’s in the form a full analysis of its Minor League system’s top prospects. It’s a great read for anyone who wants to gain a better knowledge of the players who will hopefully be helping the Mets in the near future. Read an excerpt and get the link after the jump.

Below is an excerpt/introduction from the lengthy analysis. You can find the full goods here.

"The Mets have an interesting system. It’s headlined by three upper-minors pitchers–Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, and Jeurys Familia–who all rank in my top 100 prospects, but doesn’t boast any other players that most would rank in that range. However, like the Dodgers, there’s impressive depth here with both the position players and the pitchers, and I was really shocked at how extensive the depth was. The pitching is overall a bit more impressive than the hitting, largely due to the trio of top arms, but there aren’t many real holes in the organization. On the other hand, there aren’t a whole lot of future cornerstones here, so New York will need more breakouts and good drafting to gather enough young talent to push the team toward a winning future."