More Sh*t Mets Fans Say

By Unknown author

When life gives you an uneventful offseason…make a list of sh*t Mets fans say.

“I trust Sandy to make the right decisions.”

“Bay can’t handle New York.”

“Piazza’s the greatest hitting catcher of all time.”

My team’s broke, Dave!

“It gets through Buckner!”

“Gary Cohen is a legend.”

“I still call it Shea.”

“Go to the window…Open it…Stick your head out and yell: LET’S GO METS! LET’S GO METS!…”

Welcome to this exclusive presentation of the MLB on Fox… “Shut the f— up!” *MUTE*

“Hey Steve, first time long time…”

“Don’t even get me started on Jason Bay.”

“I can’t watch this team anymore.”

“There’s no way I’m renewing my season tickets this year.”

“I can’t believe I’m still watching this team.”

“I can’t believe I just renewed my season tickets.”

“Who’s gonna start at second next year?”

“He’s gonna be out how long?”

“A-Rod’s a bum.”

“Louie Castillo?  What a bum.”

“Ollie P?  The ultimate bum.”

“I don’t get it.  He could hit in Boston…”

“Throgs Neck or Whitestone?”

“You’re a Yankee fan, you wouldn’t understand.”

“Take the train to the game.”

“Francesa’s a jerk.”

“Shh!  I can’t hear Ralph Kiner!”

“K-Rod’s giving me a heart attack.”

“Wagner?  Guaranteed heart attack.”

“Benitez?  That guy gave me a heart attack.  No, seriously, he did: October 21, 2000.”

“Trust me, I’ve been to Philly.  It’s brutal.”

“Philadelphia has an inferiority complex.”

“I respect Jeter, but……Wait, no I don’t.”

“Yeah, I met Mr. Met once.”

“These old Shea seats?  They cost around…oh, I don’t know…I felt like I had to buy them, ya know?”

“It’s called loyalty.”

“I’m telling you: 2014.”