Sh*t Mets Fans Say

By Unknown author

If you’ve been on the internet in the past few months, you’ve probably noticed a plethora of videos with the format, “Sh*t ___ say.”   These videos have been separated by gender, religion and geographic location, espousing certain truths about their subjects.  So naturally, Rising Apple is going to rip off this idea and present a list of “Sh*t Mets Fans say.”

“Omar Minaya is to blame for all the current team’s problems.”

“Sell the team!”

“I’m from Long Island.”

“I’m from Queens.”

“My favorite colors are blue and orange.”

“I miss Jose Reyes.”

“I love Daniel Murphy.”

“I hate Daniel Murphy.”

“I don’t mind the airplanes. If other teams can’t deal with them tough luck.”

Mike Piazza should be inducted into Cooperstown as a Met.”

“Shea was a dump, but it was our dump.”

“I hate the Yankees.”

“I hate the Phillies.”

“I hate the Braves.”

“When will Chipper Jones retire?”

“2007 was the worst year ever.”

“Yay they’re going to play Lazy Mary.”

Armando Benitez is the reason the Mets lost the 2000 World Series.”

“Keith’s number should be retired.”

“Gary, Keith and Ron are the best broadcasters ever.”

“I want blue walls!”

“Blame Beltran.” (ironic)

“Blame Beltran.” (un-ironic)

“The line at Shake Shack is totally worth it.”

“I wish the Mets had hired Bobby Valentine.”

“The 7 train is the best way to get to the ballpark.”

“Ya Gotta believe.”