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Taylor Buchholz Will Sit Out 2012

By Unknown author

Taylor Buchholz was, surprisingly, one of the Mets better relievers in 2011. Signed to a mere $600,000 before the season, the oft-injured reliever had very little going for him. Having just 24 innings to his resume from 2009 to 2010, Buchholz wowed the Mets by posting 3.12 ERA, 1.11 WHIP, and 3.71 K/BB in 26 IP through May 29. But then everything fell apart.

Buchholz was placed on the disabled list on June 1 with “shoulder fatigue.” The injury wasn’t awfully surprising as the right-handed reliever hadn’t pitched a full relief season since 2008. However, while on the disabled list, Buchholz endured a bout with depression and anxiety. Despite his shoulder’s health, the reliever did not return in 2011.

Buchholz is obviously going through a life hurdle that is beyond physical health, so his decision to not pitch in 2012 is probably a prudent one. Even though the reliever is not thought to return to action at all in 2012, Buchholz’s agent, David Pasti stated:

"“If he signs with anyone, it would be with the Mets. The way they handled the situation with Taylor meant a lot to him. The Mets really cared about him. As of right now, Taylor is taking the year off. He’s feeling great, but not ready to get back into baseball. He’s taking it one day at a time.”"

We here at Rising Apple wish Taylor Buchholz the best of luck with regaining his mental health, and hope that he one day returns to the mound.