There Is No Mets News: Now What?

By Unknown author

Let’s face it, there hasn’t exactly been a lot of Mets news this offseason.  The Jose Reyes saga is over, Sandy Alderson probably isn’t going to make any splashes via trades or free agency-heck, there won’t even be any arbitration cases.  Outside of remaking the bullpen (which happened in the span of one evening) and filling out the bench, it’s been a quiet winter for the Amazins, something fans might not be used to after anticipating an Omar Minaya blockbuster move every year.  So what is a poor fan (and blogger) to do while counting down the days to spring training?  Here are some ideas:

Review Every Player From 2011: Rising Apple has done this for Justin Turner and several other Mets players-next.

Plan A Road Trip: I love going to Citi Field and rooting for the home team, but sometimes it’s fun to get away and take in the Mets from another location.  If you can’t stand the cold, book a flight to Port St. Lucie to observe team workouts or an exhibition game.  If you want to see the Amazins on the road, plan a trip to an opposing stadium.  Philadelphia and Washington are close enough for day or overnight trips, while an interleague series with the Blue Jays can provide an international excursion.  If I had my druthers, I’d follow the team during a west coast trip in late July/early August when they visit San Francisco, Arizona and San Diego.

Think About The Glory Days: Remember 1969?  Or 1986?  I don’t because I wasn’t born, but I can still think fondly of 1999, 2000 and 2006, despite the fact that each season ended in agonizing defeat.  Remembering the past and what the Mets have achieved gives me reason to believe they can achieve again.

Listen To Get Metsmerized: If you’ve never heard this song, please do yourself a favor and listen now.

Think Of Humorous Songs For Each Player’s Walkup Music: Jason Bay-“Blame Canada;” Scott Hairston-“Hair” (from the musical); Tim Byrdak-“Surfin Bird” and many more.

Turn A Blank Slate Into A Mets Fan: Have a friend who wants to get into baseball but doesn’t have a team to support?  Turn him/her into a Mets fan!  Regale him with tails of two championships.  Teach him/her about Tom Seaver, Keith Hernandez and others Mike Piazza.  Get him/her to commit to some sort of season ticket plan with you.  Misery loves company.

Pick Mets Minor Leaguers To Follow: Shockingly, the Mets have some decent prospects in their system.  A lot of fans are aware of names like Matt Harvey, Jeurys Familia and Brandon Nimmo, but there are other guys like Jack Leathersich, Gilbert Gomez and Travis Taijeron who have flashed potential.  Start Tweeting how much you love these players now so if/when they make it big, there is hard evidence you supported them from the beginning.

Convince Yourself That The Mets Will Compete In 2012: Bay will hit 25 homers.  Andres Torres will return to his 2010 form.  Lucas Duda will hit for incredible power.  Ike Davis will be in the MVP running.  Daniel Murphy will play adequate defense at second base.  Ruben Tejada will make us forget about Reyes.  David Wright will become a superstar.  Josh Thole will bat close to .400.  Johan Santana will finish second in Cy Young voting.  R.A. Dickey will win the Cy Young.  Jon Niese will become the best lefty the Mets have ever hard.  Mike Pelfrey will be traded.  The bullpen will be rock solid.  Hey, it could happen.