Mets Could Offer Jose Reyes a Heavily Back-Loaded Contract

By Unknown author

Money might be an issue for the Mets now, but how about in 2014? Aside from just hoping the Wilpons financial situation will be in a better place two years from now, one also has to consider that $41.5 million will come off the books in 2014 since Johan Santana and Jason Bay‘s contracts will expire.

Given the apparent $100 million budget for 2012, maybe Reyes would be willing to accept a deal that pays him around $10-12 million per season in 2012 and 2013, but anywhere from $25-30 million per season in 2014 and 2015. Assuming the Mets tender Angel Pagan and Taylor Buchholz contracts, the Mets 2012 payroll would hover around $82 million if Reyes were to agree to such a deal.

Continuing with the hypothetical, the Mets would then have around $15-18 million to spend on another starter, a closer, a few bullpen arms, and a back-up catcher. More importantly, this back-loaded deal would enable the fiscally-crippled Mets to afford their star player–which would be ideal for their should-be fruitful 2014 season.