If I Was Going To Teach Brandon Nimmo About The Mets…

By Unknown author

In case you haven’t heard, Brandon Nimmo is now part of the Mets organization.  While we won’t be seeing him in Flushing any time soon (barring unforeseen circumstances), the first round pick will possibly see action in the Gulf Coast League sooner rather than later.  While in Wyoming, Nimmo couldn’t keep close tabs on the Amazins, but he did mention that knows “general stuff — about the trades and how the team is doing” and that “It’s been more of my main focus of the summer, getting to know the team better.”  I’m glad Brandon is taking an interest in his new organization, but it also got me thinking: if I had to educate Nimmo about the Mets, what would I tell him?Beyond the details of this season, the Mets have written a nice history.  Now in its 50th year, the Amazins have reached the pinnacle of the sport twice, suffered devastating heartache and a whole lot of other stuff in between.  While it is important for Nimmo to get to know the current team and its current direction, it’s also important that he knows about the history.  If I had to boil it down, I’d probably relay the following history to Mr. Nimmo:

How It All Began: It’s good to know how/why the Mets came to be.  The Giants/Dodgers moving out west, William Shea fighting to get National League baseball back in New York and how 1962 was the worst year ever for a Major League Baseball team..and the fans loved it.

1969 Miracle Mets: Hey, they weren’t always awful.  The Mets stunned everyone and beat the Orioles in the World Series.  Tom Seaver, Cleon Jones, Tommie Agee and Gil Hodges are among the first heroes in the organization.

Ya Gotta Believe: Is there any phrase that better sums up the Mets?  When Tug McGraw first spoke these words in 1973, he probably had no idea it would become the mantra for the organization.  The Mets overcame a huge deficit in the division and went all the way to the World Series.  If there’s one thing about Mets fans, they believe.

Tom Seaver and Mike Piazza: As of this moment, Seaver and Piazza are the greatest pitcher and hitter, respectively, in franchise history.  Nimmo should know this and some awesome stuff that each one has done (Seaver’s near perfect game, Piazza’s 9/11 home run, etc).

1986: Possibly the greatest year in franchise history.  The Mets set out to dominate the National League, and they did.  Darryl Strawberry, Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter, Ron Darling and many others symbolized the grittyness and talent that was the ’86 Mets.  Game 6 of the NLCS was one of the greatest playoff games in history, as was Game 6 of the World Series.  Mets fans haven’t tasted a championship since.

The Subway Series: Even if it’s lost some luster, the rivalry/relationship with the Yankees helps define the Mets.  Let’s face it, New York, at least right now, is a Yankee town and the Mets play in the shadows.  So whenever the two teams get together, it’s a chance for the Mets to assert some dominance.  And of course, there was THE Subway Series in 2000 that still leaves me cringing.

David Wright and Jose Reyes: Nimmo probably knows these guys, but right now, they’re the faces of the organization, and hopefully Nimmo’s future teammates.

Shea Stadium: For a long time, the Mets called Shea home.  It may not have been pretty, but it had plenty of memories and was always rocking when the Mets were playing well.  Nimmo will roam Citi Field, but he should know about its predecessor.

There is obviously a lot more that could’ve been included, but this list merely serves as a skeletal outline of Metropolitan history.  What other events would you include?