“Believe” Music Video Captures Amazin Experience

By Unknown author

Back on May 27th, Lori Martini witnessed her song, “Believe,” a new Mets anthem, if you will, be performed in front of the Citi Field faithful.  Prior to that night’s game against the Phillies, Kassy K and Nick Javas entertained the fans and did an excellent job (I was there, it was very cool).  As if that wasn’t enough, there is now a video that chronicles the experience.Directed by David Catalano, the Believe music video already has over 1200 views in its first week on YouTube.  The video captures the performance from that evening, as well as some Mets pregame action and fans showing their team pride.  The experience as a whole was a thrill for Martini.

“People dream their whole lives to perform at a stadium venue in which we performed,” said Martini.  “What made that day even more special, besides playing at my favorite stadium, is that because of the performance, Justin Turner requested that Believe should be his walkup song.”  Turner still uses Believe as his walkup tune every-other at bat.  “To be able to capture that moment and make a music video is just AMAZIN’ and I hope that the song will play at the
stadium for lifetimes to come,” said Martini.

Not lost on Martini was the fact that Ruth Roberts, the woman who wrote “Meet The Mets,” recently passed away.  “I hope I can be as great and capture the spirit of the Mets and the fans the way she did,” said Martini.