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Jose Reyes Fine But Taking It Easy

By Unknown author

Mets fan can stop holding their breath as star shortstop Jose Reyes is fine after hurting his right hamstring a few games ago. In fact, Reyes took batting and fielding practice with the team before the Dodgers game last night, however, the Mets did not allow him to do running drills.

Reyes, who currently owns a .354/.398/.529 line with three homeruns, twenty-two doubles, fifteen triples, thirty-two RBI, sixty-five runs, and thirty stolen bases, is without a doubt the Mets most valuable player. However, when the shortstop hobbled off the field in game two against the Yankees, Mets fans had a flashback to 2009, when Reyes tore his left hamstring, and was lost for the season.

Despite the painful memories, his current hamstring injury is not even a fraction as serious as a tear. Smartly, the Mets are taking it easy with Reyes, even though the MRI was negative. As much as fans would like to see Reyes back at short and in the leadoff spot, it makes more sense to let the guy rest to insure he’ll properly heal.